Axis & Allies WW I 1914 mistake about the Russian Empire capital?

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i have bought A&A WW I 1914 and the game looks quite nice to me. I will play (and test) the gameplay in the next time but one thing catched my eye immedetly... why did they set Moscow as the capital of the Russian Empire (Russian Czardom) and not St. Petersburg (on the game map the area Karelia)?

Each other capital (and it's capital area) is correct - so i guess it is "just" a mistake. Maybe in the second edition of the game the Russian Empire will have it's historical capital... - i hope.
Welcome, Norrek!

It's not a mistake.  It was a conscious design decision.

While St. Petersburg was the actual capital at the time, Moscow was also a very important city.  Moscow was a hub of military and economic activity.  The game simply plays a lot better with Russia mobilizing its troops in a more central location, plus St. Petersburg is just too close to Berlin, and the capital probably would have been relocated to Moscow anyway had it been seriously threatened.

Enjoy the game!  
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