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I need some help with my background history... I'll create a life of a female human paladin. I'm goin' to be EXTREMELY honorable, and reasonable lawful and good. The point is: I would like to insert in my history a dramatic and important decision. Just before taking my vows and/or oath (like Jon Snow of ASoIaF, in book 1) i had a great chance to gain lands and/or titles and/or gold and/or glory and/or vengeance against people who humillated me (again, more or less like him, in 3rd book. trying to avoid spoilers.), I choosed to continue in my mission, leaving all of the GREAT opportunities behind, losing all that sudden incredible glory... For my honor and faith in protect the weak, fight against the evil acts and be a light, no matter the darkness surroundin' me.

Some people should think "Oh, she is stupid... Beautiful (char +2), but stupid. Left all that behind for a impossible fight. The world is dark, and it will ever be. At last, she could be rich/powerful is such a ruined world".

But... It has been hard to think about these opportunities. And in what situation they should occurs. I've been thinking about bein' an orphan raised up in a temple, with education, honor, law and goodness learned there. And, accidentally, martial arts (sword and shield), as Arya Stark. I should not learned that, but i was born too to do that! So, with gentle, honest and hard too (i had maaaaany tasks there) raising by the little clerics, novices and adepts there, i became accidentaly a project of paladin.

So, i would like to insert that i discovered, idk, that i am the last of the Hucrele Family, and i was there in the temple since a baby bein' protected, to claim for my family lands, money and sources of money when 16 years old. People wanted to kill me, in another reign, so i was there hidden. The killers of my family (and its allies) would like to kill me, and probably suspected that i was alive somewhere. Maybe, i could fall in real love with an half-elf adept of the temple, and him aparently too. Our love relation being' prohibited (don't know exactly why), but strong anyways. So, maybe, i could ran from the temple, to live my love with him, with real pain im my heart for leaving the temple, but desesperadtly in love... But then i discover all the truth with my love bein' just a spy (he arrived in the temple just an year before) and deliverin' me to my searchers...

And then, I'm lost. Btw, sorry for my english, I am brazilian. I really need some help!

Ty, ty! ^^ 


Seems like you have it all pretty much wrote out.

I’d just sit down with your DM and work out how it fits into their world;

How many other religions are in the world besides the one your character belongs to.

What NPCs would get rich by your characters death?

Once again, the Dungeon Master should already have an idea of how their world will work; I find it best to sit down with them and tell them what you just posted here, a general idea of how you want your back story to go; they should be able to take that and “custom tailor” it to their world, which will help you fill in the missing details.

Also- not sure if this helps but I played alongside a character who also had given up wealth and power; I think his plot-hook for that was he saved the king.

Could easily say a Noble/King or any one in power came to worship at the temple, and your character stopped them from being assassinated; but refused a reward .

Hope this helps, and enjoy your game!  


Thank you, i'll try to do it. Maybe talking to him is better for me and for the entire group... ^^


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