Druid: Combined Attack and Summons

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Hi Guys,
I was trying to clarify the following topics, but could not find an answer.

1. Comboned Attack - States:
Your animal companion waits for the signal of your own attack, then pushes in with a devastating follow-up that your foe never sees coming.
Effect: Your animal companion can take a free action to move up to its speed and then use its animal attack.
Does this mean that the Animal Companion needs to attack the same target as I attacked ? or it can attack a completely different target ?

2. If my animal companion dies, I can ressurect it with a minor action during combat. However, is there a limit as to how many times I can do that ? Can I ressurect it 3-4 times per encounter (assuming I have enough Healing Surges ?) 

Thanks in advance.
No listed limits.
You can combined attack 2 targets.
If you have the surges you can keep getting it back.  

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