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As time and editions progress, old items are eventually removed from the Wizards site. 

Suppose that some "random theoretical person" spent a lot of free time over the space of years downloading entire public sections of said website: the html files, the zip files, the pdfs, the images, and so forth - to create a collection of all the public website materials relating to the 3.x edition (ie: no Insider content) for personal gaming use. 

How would said "random theoretical person" go about obtaining permission to host and offer for download the entire collection as is, in a (not-so) compressed file; so as to not trip over the invisible, deceased, non-existant turtles of law and legality?  

As a separate question, it was noticed that the Internet Archive now has the entire collection of Dragon magazines... is that legit and on the up and up? This one is curious as to the story behind that.  

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Hi Nijineko,

All such requests would be handled best by using the "Email Us" function at our help site.

Click  HERE and log in same as you would log into our forums, then choose the "Email Us" tab, select "Corporate Information" from the pull down, then "Permission Request" and from there choose the next topic and fill out the rest of the form.

Hope that helps,


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