When the whole is greater then the sum.

I started to think about the problem often discussed here in the forums where we all want players to be able pick the class they want without being forced to fill the gaps in the party (like having to play a healer etc...), but also making roles still important such that a parties have synergies that make the group an effective team (more power ful then the sum of its individuals capabilities).

This gave me a new idea: Group / Synergy feats.
The idea is a series of feats designed to allow a party to customize their synergies. Feats that allow a the party perform esssential group manuevers, or gain group effects. For example as a joke but a tiny bit serious;

Fast Ball Special:
Barbarian/Rogue Synergy feat that allows a raging barbarian to make a strength based ranged attack to toss a rogue up to 30 feet at an an enemy target, if he hits, the target is stunned, the rogue can immeadietly make a free attack (with advantage).

Or they could be a lot more general. These feats could be chosen after level 10, to represent the period when teh group really gets to becom a unit, and could be a party decison or done on the individual level. THe main thing I like about where this idea could go, is it creates an incentive and value to team work without forcing anyone to play a specific class. Groups that are missing healing, could get feats that thro teamwork boost defense or allow for mid encounter Hit die expenditures. Groups that are missing AOE could use group feats to accomplish team like aoe effects. 


My mind is a deal-breaker.

It'd be nice to push this a bit and see where it goes. I think something more generally applicable that could support synergy between fighting styles and casting without mentioning specific classes would be more interesting.

Feats like this have existed for a long time (cooperative spell springs to mind), but what I like about this is it gives you something besides a bland mechanical boost. I kind of wish all feats were like this in that regard.

Think it is a fairly damn solid idea. Lets see where this goes!
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