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Wandering Monsters
Scum of the (Under) Earth

By James Wyatt

Strolling through the Underdark with no cares in the world is nigh impossible thanks to drow, drider, duergar, and grimlock inhabitants. See what James has to say about each of these, and weigh in with your opinion on them.

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Fairest of Them All

Montréal, Canada
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D&D In The News
Dungeons & Dragons Coming To iOS Later This Year 
By Techcrunch

A new partnership between mobile game publisher Playdek and Wizards of the Coast, famed creator of Magic: The Gathering and other tabletop games will bring Dungeons & Dragons to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch later this year. Playdek will be developing officially sanctioned and licensed titles that bring various Wizards of the Coast tabletop experiences to iOS devices, with the first such efforts slated to go live sometime in 2013.

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Montréal, Canada
@Plaguescarred on twitter