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Hey everyone, it was suggested that I post this in this forum, as I originally posted it in Character Development.

I have designed 12 backgrounds set in the Nentir Vale ... some of the text is lifted from Essentials source books like the Dungeon Master's Book, but most of it is original. As I said in the other forum, I'm sure there is expanded material that conflicts with liberties I've taken here.

The backgrounds have no pre-requisites. It might seem like they fit a particular race or class more than another, but they are written in such a way that any character could pick any background (although picking a background with applicable associated skills seems like a good idea).

Feel free to use these, it's just a for-fun thing, and I'd be very happy knowing other DMs and players are getting something out of them.

The backgrounds are (maybe the names tickle your fancy):

Councilor of Hammerfast
Woodsinger of Harken Forest
Emissary of Thorns
Cultist of the Shadowfell
Bandit of Raven Roost
Fallcrest Defender
Halfmoon Informant
Moonsong Acolyte
Apprentice of Thunderspire
River Rat
Scion of the Bloodspears
Tigerclaw Barbarian

Full descriptions, quests, and associated skills are found in the link below ...

Here's the link to the google drive file:

These are great,

Marandahir had posted these ideas to adapt themes to the Nentir Vale in another forum

Athasian Minstrel: Infiltrator.
Dune Trader: Merchant.
Elemental Priest: Sand Sea Animist.
Escaped Slave: Escaped Slave.
Gladiator: Gladiator.
Noble Adept: Telepath.
Primal Guardian: Primal Guardian.
Templar: Arcane Inquisitor.
Veiled Alliance: Illusionist.
Wasteland Nomad: Wandering Nomad. 
Wilder: Wilder. 
Bregan D’aerthe Spy: Hunting Spider Agent.
Dead Rat Deserter: River Rats Deserter.
Devil’s Pawn: Iron Circle Mercenary.
Harper Agent: Betrayed Agent.
Heir of Delzoun: Mithralfast Heir.
Illyanbruen Guardian: Astrazalian Emissary.
Neverwinter Noble: Nerathi Inheritor. 
Oghma’s Faithful: Ioun’s Faithful.
Pack Outcast: Pack Outcast.  
Renegade Red Wizard: Renegade Karkothi.
Scion of Shadow: Scion of Shadow.
Spellscarred Harbinger: I seriously don't know what to do with this theme.
Uthgardt Barbarian: Tigerclaw Barbarian (allow Shifters as well).

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