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Do these items stack in the game WoA (or others in this set):

Dwarven Hammer(+1 to att against adj monsters, +3 if you don't move),
Staff of the Elements(+2 to att monsters within one tile) ,
+2 Magic Sword(+2 att vs adj monsters)?

These can all be drawn on one player, especially in the one-player campaign.

The names indicate different weapons, so it would seem they wouldn't stack, but then again each character has their own weapon to start with that may not be the same as that on the card and yet it would still apply to them... i.ie a fighter wouldn't have a staff, but would still get the staff card's bonus, so why not stack them all?  

OK, answer seems to be that you can only gain one attack bonus and one defense bonus at a time... it was in the book, found it myself after... reading instructions!

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