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I have
4x gravecrawlers
4x druil messengers
4x dredge menglers
4x deathrite shaman
4x highborn ghoul
2x abrupt decay
2x avator of woe
1x phyrexian obliterator
2x death baron
2x jarad golgari lich lord
4x lotleff troll

What should I remove for 4 rancors?? Help please
I have exactly 60 cards cause I forgot the other ones
Also 2 desecrate demons and 2 grave pacts.!
This is not a rules question. Try asking at the Casual Decks or Standard areas, way down in the forum.
Also, try autocarding. [c*]Avatar of Woe[/c*] typed without the asterisks produces this: Avatar of Woe.

Of course, that would require you spell the card names correctly.
To whom it may concern: it's getting really old, being unable to see the top half of anything autocarded in the first post of each thread. Fixplz,kthx.
You could also autodeck (autocard the entire deck) - that, too, finds bad spelling a harsh mistress.
[c*] avatar of woe [/c*]
[c*]avatar of woe[/c*]
[c*] avatar of woe [/c*]

WITHOUT the asterisks (and without the extra spaces)

Avatar of Woe 

Level 3 DCI Judge Mission Viejo, CA

Sorry new to this forum.!
It didnt work. Doing it from my iphone
But of course, trying to autodeck what you put in your OP produces

Six broken autocards, because more than half of the cards you named were mistyped.
In his defense, the OP was making no attempt to autocard. I don't mean to diminish the importance of correctly spelling card names (I'm with you 100% on that point), but there's no reason to attack the guy for it.
Attack not intended, just statement that if he wishes to use autodecking, it will require more attention to detail than his first post.  It won't be as good at decoding intent as humans are.  And letting him know the results of your post weren't just magically fuzzy-match-derived from just adding deck tags, but your post was properly linked because you manually fixed the list for him, rather than something the autodeck tool does automatically.

I give you a lot of credit for figuring out what "druil messengers" meant.  My first guesses were "druid" and "thrull" and both came up blank.
@OP: At the risk of sounding super-nerdy, I recommend adding the names of Magic cards that you play with frequently to your autocorrect dictionary. That way, it'll be much easier to talk about the cards on here and with your playgroup. (And we'll have an easier time helping you out, too ^_^; )
Doing it from my iphone

It doesn't matter really.

Rules Advisor

The Basic rulebook, read it! A lot of basic questions are answered there!

How to autocard :
Type [c]Black Lotus[/c] to get Black Lotus.
Type [c=Black Lotus]The Overpowered One[/c] to get The Overpowered One.

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