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So i was thinking up a few ideas for my campaign but i am now faced with a problem which is whether or not these ideas fit with the typical lore AND also if there are certain rules that i should be aware of  

 - a god at the centre of a labyrinth that grants wishes (cruelly, so if it is worded badly or can be misinterpretted it usually is)

 - father and son have pendants / necklaces that are bound to them and enable them to know if the other is alive/in danger/ far away/ close etc 
 - portals that exist only in dungeons that can be enchanted to take the party to a place they desire

so do these kind of things exist? and if not am i able to simply put them in? 
Such things would mesh well with any sort of campaign setting or game world for you to run, so yes, go nuts

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Those exact things do not exist. Pretty much no part of the game is going to be exactly what you need it to be, and so the rules expect (though not as explicitly as they should) that DMs and players will refine things to be in line with what they have in mind. No one who was involved with the game would ever tell you not to incorporate your ideas rather than adhering to what came "included" with the game. Your ideas are very cool, so make them work.

(To that end, I recommend also working with your players on those ideas, so you can arrive at something that makes sense to and is fun for everyone.)

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

so do these kind of things exist? and if not am i able to simply put them in? 

Absolutely you can put them in!

If you want them, they're in.

If you don't like something in the 'established' lore, then it's out.

It's your world.  Do what you want with it.

 As far as the amulets that allow each person to know the status of the other, such an item has previously existed in several forms in past editions of the game and may well be available in 4E as well.

 There is portal magic available which is somewhat similar to what you suggested, although it's extremely high-level and expensive stuff - usually the kind of thing that's left over from past ages and lost civilizations, although it is possible for high-level characters with tons of gold and magic to create them as well. I have no idea which book they were detailed in, thogh... maybe something in the Forgotten Realms?

 As far as official lore, it's merely a sugestion at best - it's your world, or even if you're using a pre-existing official campaign, it's your version of that world... Change it however you and your players want. In 30 years of playing, I have never once used any D&D product exactly as it was written.


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