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So against all advice from my betters I put together an Izzet deck for FNM play becuase I'm an Izzet fanboy and that's something I do.  I've actually gotten it working to a point where it performs the way I want it in most games.  It stomps over heavy control decks and has had good luck against Jund and other mid-range decks.  Where it suffers is against decks that really come out aggressively and clench the win by turn 5.  I'll put up the list and then explain a little more about the kind of games I'm having.

Deck List:
Pillar of Flame x 3
Mizzium Mortars x 3
Devastation Tide x 2
Cyclonic Rift x 2
Think Twice x 4
Izzet Charm x 4
Aetherize x 2
Instants/Sorceries = 20

Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius x 2
Snapcaster Mage x 4
Mercurial Chemister x 2
Goblin Electromancer x 4
Hypersonic Dragon x 2
Creatures = 14

Runechanter's Pike x 2
Artifacts = 2

Sulfur Falls x 4
Steam Vents x 4
Mountain x 8
Island x 8
Land = 24

I haven't developed a sideboard yet cause I was waiting to see what kind of deck I'd struggle against, and I'd say I found out in a big way.  The only problem is I can't even begin to think of what I could sideboard to help me deal with these super aggressive decks.  Red Deck Wins seems to particularly me, swinging for 6 on turn 3 and winning no later than turn 5.  If I don't miss any mana drops I can often take back control of the field by turn 5, but only after my life has been reduced to where he can just finish me off with pillar of flames or searing spear.  I'm just not sure how to slow that kind of tempo.  I can pick off a couple of creatures with Pillar of Flame or Mizzium Mortars or bounce one or two, but there's only so much I can do with 3 or 4 mana to deal with so much board presence.

So I'm definately looking for deck/sideboard advice to help me survive those crucial first five turns against those aggressive decks.  I know after turn five against most decks (assuming I didn't miss a mana drop) I can get solid control of the field that's really hard to shake away from me.  So I need to figure out how to survive against these aggressive decks with enough life left that I can't just be taken out with a searing spear.

If you have any other advice on the deck I'm open to it, too, as long as its not just "you shouldn't Izzet."  I have already been advized thus.
aetherize is the first thing that comes to mind, but you have it already.. maybe have 2 more sideboarded?

You could also splash white for supreme verdict. There's sleep to buy you a turn, or electrickery if ur having problems with tokens.

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Needs more instant-speed burn. Also consider Rolling Temblor and Krenko's Command against aggro.
Needs more instant-speed burn. Also consider Rolling Temblor and Krenko's Command against aggro.

Whether Rolling Temblor is even helpful is still a question, though: I've seen a fair number of Gruul decks that aggro with 3/3s that would laugh it off.
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Temblor is a SB card for sure; it comes in against Naya and any deck running GoST, among other matchups.
They always have Unsummon or if you need a blocker Augur of Bolas could potentially help you in more than just blocking, but the card advantage. He's also a really good target for Runechanter's Pike more often than not. You would have to change up creatures a bit, maybe drop a snapcaster and a chemister for it. But that's up to you. Unsummon helps more often than you'd think, because you can send back any creature trying to hit your face. Blustersquall? Downsize? Just thinking of Izzet cards that would be helpful against mean aggro :P
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