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Staff of the Wild Magus
Artifact (U)
Whenever you cast a green spell or a Forest enters the battlefield under your control, you gain 1 life


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Why must Wizards insist on continuing to print horrible stuff like this at uncommon?
If this is a cycle, I can see I'm going to have uncommon pulls in M14 Sealed that I'm going to want to tear into pieces on the spot.
Potentially worse than the Lucky Charms cycle - costs more, only works for your spells and not your opponent's...
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The good news though is that Garruk's deck in Duels 2014 will have Master of the Wild Hunt, one of my favorite creatures.
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Should just be a single card that says "Whenever you play a card, you gain 1 life" instead of a cycle. It's not like it would be broken in multicolor decks.
Should just be a single card that says "Whenever you play a card, you gain 1 life" instead of a cycle. It's not like it would be broken in multicolor decks.

We just had Tablet of the Guilds that saved 9 slots.

This looks a lot better than it is, because unlike the other lucky charms it doesnt work in the mirror match. And the worst thing is that even when it "looks a lot better than it is", it still doesnt look good.   

This should have been or should have counted your opponent's stuff. It didnt need 2 drawbacks.

~ Tim   

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Not bad. But what happens flavor wise when one kamahl kills the other one?
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That makes no sense to me. If they spelled the ability out on the card in full then it would not be allowed in a mono-black Commander deck, but because they used a keyword to save space it is allowed? ~ Tim
Yup, just like you can have Birds of paradise in a mono green deck but not Noble Hierarch. YAY COLOR IDENTITY
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Is algebra really that difficult?
Survey says yes.
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You want to make a milky drink. You squeeze a cow.
I love this description. Like the cows are sponges filled with milk. I can see it all Nick Parks claymation-style with the cow's eyes bugging out momentarily as a giant farmer squeezes it like a squeaky dog toy, and milk shoots out of it.
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And no judge will ever give you a game loss for playing snow covered lands.
I now have a new goal in life. ;)
You would expect a Staff of the Wild Magus to be significantly... wilder.
I'd prefer the rings back.
Rings were better.

Lucky charms were better -- they only ever really paid off in the mirror anyway

Tablet of the guilds also better, since you could gain 2 off multicolored spells with one card.

I guess this one, in particular, might be useful if you're pulling a ton of forests, but then I'd rather have Grazing Gladehart

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Could this suggest a reprint of Master of the Wild Hunt? That's the vibe I'm getting.
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Lets just replace this cycle with Pristine Talisman. It's an artifact, it's got life gain, it's simple, it actually does something useful, and it has a nice generic name. 
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Borrowing the East Wind (P3) - Haha, it's like Hurricane but for horsemanship? That makes hilariously little sense. "Oh man, the wind is so much worse up on this horse."
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Jon Finkel can win a Magic tournament with a ham sandwich. That doesn't mean ham sandwiches are now the metagame breaker.
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I'd second that, but I think R&D wants to include a full cycle of artifacts associated with the colors. They like coming up with new limited-friendly cards.

I was hoping for the trigger rings to stay

but at least they are trying something kinda new with the lucky charms
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I'd second that, but I think R&D wants to include a full cycle of artifacts associated with the colors. They like coming up with new limited-friendly cards.

Also, Pristine Talisman (as much as I love it) is a powerful card, and they might not want it in Standard all the time.
Nooo.....they're back and even worse this time than the originals.

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I could only assume that the blue one is the best, but that's hardly because the card itself is good. ;)
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at least the lucky charms were whenever anybody casts a spell, this limits to only you

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198732583 wrote:
Oh Ajani seems to like Elpheth's milk, meow.
You could add "DRAW A CARD" to it and it would still suck.
Well hello there Mr. Five-cent-super-crappy-uncommon who will single handedly prevent me from buying a single pack of M14 or even draft the set.

Hah - you know you're going to buy them anyways.  You'll moan and groan about this card when you get it, but you're gonna pop packs whether you like it or not.

We're all on this drug together.
You could add "DRAW A CARD" to it and it would still suck.

When you play it? Or off each trigger? If it was off each trigger then that would really be worth using. Think Twice becomes instant speed Divination, that and Island turns into a psedo-Last Thoughts.....I......holy crap, I want that card now. So many uses
at least the lucky charms were whenever anybody casts a spell, this limits to only you

because that makes it so much better
Standard Pauper! (play it on MTGO)
at least the lucky charms were whenever anybody casts a spell, this limits to only you

because that makes it so much better

It made them semi-viable in RDW mirrors, so that's a thing I guess


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surely one can't say complex conditional passive language is bad grammar ?
These should have been a blend of the rings and the lucky charms.

Either gain the life if unequipped or equipped creature gets +1/+1 on landfall or colored spell casting 


Ooh, a cycle of Equipment that puts a +1/+1 counter on the equipped creature whenever you cast a spell of the appropriate color? Combining the best of both worlds sounds like an enticing idea. Would that work at uncommon?

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