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Hi. If I have kill switch in play and activate it during my opponents turn, then will my other artifacts untap in the untap step of my next turn? Thanks
Kill switch will untap on your turn, which should allow for all of your artifacts to untap also.

But wait for a more confident answer...

edit: nevermind...
Looks right to me, too.
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No. You first determine which permanents will untap, then untap those permanents simultaneously. You don't untap some permanents, then check if doing that allows you to untap other permanents. If you start your untap step with Kill Switch tapped, that's the only artifact you'll untap (well that and any artifacts you control that weren't artifacts on the battlefield when Kill Switch's ability resolved).
thanks for that. One last question. what would happen if i activatef Kill Switch on my turn and i have an unwinding clock in play. do my permanens untap at the same time as my opponent's ones, so that kill switch will still keep his artifacts tapped? thanks
All untapping in untap steps is simultaneous. So the Unwinding Clock will let you untap all of your artifacts (Kill Switch doesn't interfere since it's not your own untap step), but the Kill Switch will still stop the opponent's artifacts from untapping.
Yes, for the same reasons stated above.  There is only one untap step, and things will either untap during that step or they won't.  Kill Switch untapping does not cause everything else to untap after during the same step.  If you have Kill Switch tapping all other artifacts and Unwinding Clock untaps it, everything else will still remain tapped until the appropriate untap steps.

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