With so many possibilities. What is a Druid to do

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So I am about to start playing a Dwarven Druid in 3.5. I think the idea of this race and class combined is hilarious and awesome, plus I have never played either one before. So that being said I have done a lot of research on how to play a Druid so there is no problem there. However we LOVE to play with unique powers and abilities (most we make up and create a leveling guide for these things) So it is kinda like a free cross class that WE create. So this being said, I would like to see peoples ideas on some stuff that i could add to a dwarven druid. 

To give a good example we had a paladin one time that we said had a celestial mother and there for had additional water abilities that we created like waterfall, gyzer and stuff and she gained the domain water spells.

So It can literally be ANY thing, it just has to make sense and not seem to OP or broken. So please let your imaginations go wild and I will be on the forum all day so i will reply almost immediatley 

Thank you to anyone who is willing to brain storm with me
Have your beard contain some sort of living plant material. Cast spells like Entangle, plant growth, and animate plant on it. You have yourself a druid beard familiar.

I dream of Beer Head Armies.

Autocard is our friend. [c‍]Urborg Mindsucker[/‍c] → Urborg Mindsucker

This is brilliant. Funny you should say this because I played a character called Scarfbeard that was a human barbarian and he had a beard with a mind of its own that could do that stuff. I love it though. Thanks man and keep them coming
To jump on the beard train, all your summons have one and get an additional natural attack with it.

Or you lived among the dwarfen defenders and adopted their love for armor, so you get mage armor/greater mage armor or even (greater)lumious armor (its in the Book of Exalted Deeds).

Or we can assume the pejudice that dwarfes hate water, so you get an ability to turn water in to dust, cast water spells at -1 CL and earth spells at +1 CL.