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Hi all, in a monster's stats block is their "stealth" that number + d20 like a player's is or is that considered kind of autorolled? I realize that for story purpose a DM can do what he wants but as written...?

For example I am testing out the tiled out map and encounters I made on RPGTableonline and all the combat the hero's have done has woken up Bolgren the fat so he is now behind his tapestry "readied" and using stealth to remain quiet. His "stealth" says 13. So is that d20+13 like a player's is or is that block for simplicity so the 13 means that's what to consider he already rolled? So player uses perception vs. that 13 to hear/sniff him out?

You roll it, just like a player would.  You also need to read the rules of hidden club sticky thread.
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For Bolgren, you roll a stealth check.  It's whatever his stealth score is plus a d20 roll.  If you have a monster where they don't have a stealth skill score listed, that means they don't have any bonuses or penalties so you just use their Dex modifier (plus level, but that should be included in the monster's stat block) + a d20.

For the party to try to detect him, if they are not actively searching to find him, use their passive perception and compare to the monster's roll.  If anyone is actively searching for him, they get to roll a perception check.

After that, staying stealthed ("hidden") can be more complicated.  It's not an easy state to maintain and comes with some very precise conditions, and that is intentional, since being hidden makes you practically invulnerable.  Read the (fully updated) stealth rules and the "rules of hidden club" thread for more details.

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