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So, I'm having some trouble turning a concept for a new character into something viable for play, and I could use some input.  I don't want something completely broken, but I'd like something that fits my theme and yet is still playable and effective.

Originally I was going to go with a Binder, because I love the whole idea of the class.  But, spending hours reading these threads, I've come to the conclusion that Binders suck, and I can go with a regular Warlock or a Hybrid and still stick with the character's concept. 

The basic idea is a Revenant who came back, not because of some unfinished business, but because his soul had been sold to so many different entities that no one had a clear claim.  He was able to re-animate his own body and slink off while various demons, devils, archfey, and etc were arguing over who got his soul after he died.  He just so happened to have been killed by our campaign's BBEG, and stowed away on the ship that the rest of the party owns.  (This guy is a replacement for the cleric I've been playing, since we have a new player who wants to take over healing).  The party just hit lvl 12, so I'll be coming in there.  Our DM loves the idea of having all sorts of extra-planar soul bounty hunters coming after me as we move through the feywild (which we just moved to from the Shadwofell).

So, I guess the question is, does anyone have any suggestions for good thematic elements that work with this idea? All of my builds have taken the Arcane Paraiah background to represent his reckless pact-making.  So far, I'm looking at a fey-pact with the winter fey for the Scion of the Long Night PP, but with the Primordial Adept theme to help represent his penchant for making pacts with any and all powers he can (also, the Solkarra's line synergizes nicely).  The frost line works, but seems a bit OP, and I'm not sure how well it fits what I'm going for.  I also like the Entrancing Mystic, Evermeet Warlock, and Feytouched PPs, and I've played around with a hybrid Bard, Psion, and Wizard.  Could anyone give my some input or places to start here?

*Edit*  My goal is to be as controller-y as possible, annoy the ever-living hell out of our DM every session, and have about a million tricks that no one sees coming.
The basic idea is a Revenant who came back, not because of some unfinished business, but because his soul had been sold to so many different entities that no one had a clear claim.

So, John Constantine?

Fey'lock seems like a good enough start. If you're trying to be controllery, Entrancing Mystic and Nightmare Weaver both have good features for that, and you can also Twofold Pact into Star for Master of the Starry Night or Doomslayer. Of course, just sticking with Long Night Scion isn't the worst thing you could do, either, though apart from the F16 the features feel more damage-oriented (via Permafrost) than controllish.

However, "made pacts with everyone under the sun" just screams Vestige Pact, to me. Every time you use a Daily, you're calling in a different Patron, in one of those too-rare cases where the mechanics express the fluff in gameplay terms without sucking too badly. However, Vestige is 100% Constitution while Fey is 100% Charisma, so there's some conflict there. Also, Vestige tends more toward a leader secondary role than a controller secondary.
Thanks for the input, and that's exactly the issue I'm running into with the Vestige.  I love the concept and it fits perfectly, but the Con isn't going to be too effective and giving up control for leadry abilities doesn't fit too well.  I may be able to talk my DM into house-ruling all the Con in the vestige powers into Cha.  I'd also thought about taking Twofold Pact for Sorc to get Mindbite Scorn and focusing on psychic, and then re-fluffing "Sorcerer King" into "power I swindled out of some archfey" or something.
If you're running con and you're having trouble justifying fey pact, , consider star pact instead (fluff: you've made pacts with extraterristrial powers. Which ones? All of them). Arms of Hadar and Frigid Darkness are pretty decent powers, and Elder Constellations is a poor man's Feyjump Shot.

On the other hand, if you're running a chalock...also consider Star Pact over Fey Pact. What are your best control powers early on? E1: Grasp of the Iron Tower (don't care about the rider), E3: Otherwind Stride (Fey Pact, but the marginal improvement is minimal), E7: All the Sand, All the Stars (Star Pact), Far Realm Phantasm (Star), Touch of Command (no rider), or Sign of Ill Omen (Star).

The other reason why I like Star over Fey is because I think the Fey Pact boon is of dubious benefit whereas the star pact boon is actually worth a damn.