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If someone  is being attacked by a spirital weapon spell and moves away from it, does the blade get an attack of oppurtunity? 3.5
This is the 4e forum.  You need to go the Previous Editions forum found here:  community.wizards.com/go/forum/view/7588...

You have the free will to agree or disagree.
You have the ability to act freely on the above choice regardless of the consequences.

One of the best things about D&D is that the rules are simply made to be guidelines. They are ment to offer enough structure for balanced and fun gameplay. As a DM you have the power to tweak those rules how ever you and your players like. Obviously don't go around changing rules in ways that your players don't agree with that will just make the frustrated and feel like you are being Unfair but if you feel like these spiritual blades should get attacks of oppurtunity then all you have to say is that they do reguardless of what the offical rules state. On the flip side you could rule that because they are controled by the caster that they share oppurtunity attacks with the caster, so if the spell summons 4 blades between the 4 blades and the caster there can only be one attack of opportunity each round.

 The important thing to keep in mind while you are doing this is A: How does each option effect the game? and B: Does the solution seem fair to the players without over powering them?
This is the 4e forum.  You need to go the Previous Editions forum found here:  community.wizards.com/go/forum/view/7588...

Actually, it's not a 4e forum, but this section IS specifically for DM-type questions and situations, not rules questions.

OD&D, 1E and 2E challenged the player. 3E challenged the character, not the player. Now 4E takes it a step further by challenging a GROUP OF PLAYERS to work together as a TEAM. That's why I love 4E.

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From D&D SRD
Your feats or combat actions do not affect the weapon.


To me this means that it does not get AoO.



Are you really "entitled to your opinion"?
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The cool thing is, you don't even NEED a reason to say yes.  Just stop looking for a reason to say no.
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