LOD + Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures : PHB Divine Heroes 2 set ?

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Recently started playing LOD, since there are no clerics in this game, how does the Divine Heroes set fit into LOD?

Will adding clerics unbalance the game, since ATM, the only way to recover HP is to use healing surge counters?

LOD and PHB sets are supposed to be compatible? Correct? Just ordered a PHB divine heroes mini set 2, (Clerics, Paladins) wondering how this might work.

TIA for any help offered.
Heroes of the divine type can fit into LOD, as all heroes from Wrath of Ashardalon work with LOD, and they have a Cleric and Paladin. So clerics definitly won't unbalance the game, they only add to the experience.

However, I'm not sure PHB is compatable with LOD, I know the PHB minis come with D&D stat cards, but I don't think they work with the Adventure System in LOD, rather the traditional D&D game.

Do a google image search for "wrath of ashardalon cleric" and you might be able to see the character card for Quinn.
Ugh. Foiled by my own lack of product knowledge.
OK, so I've already purchased this PHB set of divine heroes. When it gets here, is there a way to *CONVERT* these character cards to LOD stats?
Even if it means simply writing the stats for LOD on them? How would I distill a 4e character down to LOD stats? The lack of powers cards would be a problem, I guess. Any ideas here? Kicking around the idea of healing 1 hp of damage as an at will power. Perhaps these could strictly be used as NPC's? Encountered in dungeons during exploration phase? Perhaps a die roll to determine if the character joins party or not? Anyone tried anything like this?


Ah. Found my answer right here on Boardgamegeek:


Print these out and Cleric and Paladin shall join in the LOD mayhem as allies!

$$$ not wasted after all!


"How would I distill a 4e character down to LOD stats?"

I don't think this is really necessary, between LoD, WoA and RL, they pretty much covered all the basic classes, you can use them for templates instead. You can try and Google for the character cards of the other games...

You can always use the Ally cards you found above, that will work if you're fine with them being ally's, but If you ask around I'm sure someone could link you the more official cleric and paladin abilities

Also, check your private messages.
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