squiddys on athas?

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anyone use mind flayers in there dark sun game? how did that go?iFrame RemovediFrame Removed
Check out this DS illithid net project, from the stickied Dark Sun Forum Archives, Part 8.
I used them in my 4e game. In that campaign Ul-Athra was a silt horror type primordial. As such it's followers were repurposed illithids called Ul-Athrids. Their heads were basically silt horrors and they could live beneath the silt. I was going to have an adventure where the PC's had silt breathing and some sort of echolocation to try and navigate beneath the silt, but we ended the campaign with the PC's banishing Ul-Athra without them going beneath the silt.
excellent! thanks guysiFrame RemovediFrame Removed

ok, just finished tyour thread Penn, and thats pretty dam awesome. too bad its 3.5 XD but the flavor can still be ported over. it never ceases to amaze me how awesome the DS community is. thanks again maniFrame RemovediFrame Removed
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