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Hi all

My group and I are just now getting around to play 4.0 after we have been playing 3.5 for a very long time.
I have gotten my hands on H1-H3 modules to begin with so the players and I will learn 4.0 both as players and Dungeon master

We have played many different games in the years but the one we loved the most was Red Hand of Doom
It was a good game because it was out in the open most of the time and not just dungeon crawling and the time table was a nice touch and long with the last combat where all the actions they have taken along the way hand an impact.

I was wondering if there was any games like that around 4.0? I have been looking around but not found it with my fast search!


Look through some of the modules, especially the later modules.  Splice them together, add flavor, bake in your mind at room temperature and dish out at whatever speed your party prefers.

Personally I have a special spot in my heart for the Baldur's Gate, Elturgarde and Calimshan modules.  But there are tons of areas, so browse a bit.  And best of all, they are all free. 
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Thanks Matyr

We like free, I will look around and see what I can find
Red Hand of Doom got a squeal in the Scales of War adventure path. Might be worth checking out.
That look more like the adventure modul I was looking for. Have you played it your self and have any experience with it?

Scales of War is a very loose sequel to RHoD and a series of semi-connected adventures that span levels 1-30.

It was also produced very early in the 4e design cycle, and thus may need some updating (both plot and mechanics-wise) to play well. It boasts moments of epic-ness, and other moments that make no sense whatsoever.

There are still several resources on the net featuring ideas and fixes from actual play experience; though they appear to be inactive.

Scales of War Wiki

I started my campaign with the first Scales of War adventure - Rescue at Rivenroar, because I liked the Red Hand of Doom flavor and it worked well with how I wanted to introduce my world, whether or not you stick with the whole Scales of War 1-30 path, the first adventure might be a fun transition considering everyone's familiarity with the background material
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