Casual Play Extortion Deck. Tips/Suggestions?

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So I just got into Magic a couple days ago. I purchased the Orzhov Opression/Simic Synthesis Intro Decks and the Deck Builder's Toolkit.
I starting focusing on the extortion capabilities of the Orzhov Opression Deck as that was what attracted me the most. I've made a few tweaks myself to it now and was wondering if you could give me any tips or strategies for extortion decks. Bear in mind I was only able to use the cards that I had gotten from my packs, and I have very little knowledge about deck building when it comes to Magic.

My deck is as follows:



[deck]4x Evolving Wilds
8x Plains
9x Swamp[/deck]


[deck]2x Dying Wish
2x Pacifism
1x Divine Favor
1x One Thousand Lashes
1x Crippling Blight[/deck]


[deck]3x Murder
2x Shielded Passage
1x Victim of Night
1x Cursebreak
1x Safe Passage[/deck]


[deck]2x Angelic Edict
1x Purge the Profane[/deck]

So that's my deck. Any tips on what cards combo well, or any particular strategies I could use with this Black/White deck would be very appreciated. Any changes in terms of card selection is also welcomed. This is my first real attempt at customizing a deck to how I would like to play, So if it's a really bad setup don't go too hard on me
I will be using this deck to play casually with friends.

Thank you in advance for any replies/taking the time to read through my post.
You'll want to find a good source for extort. Kingpin is good and if you can get ahold of blind obedience you can stall and get an extort trigger. You'll want more cheap spells so that you can extort more times per turn. I like cloudshift to protect my creatures with extort, deaths approach can be good mid to late game. If you can, try to find a local card store that sells singles. There are a few commons and uncommons that I use that you can pick up for 50 cents our less a pop. When I get off work I'll post up my casual deck list. There are a couple high dollar cards, but you can do without them.
You want to have lots of land, at least 24. More land means more extortion.
Yea have a high land count with a low curve overall (most things in your deck costing 1-3), this makes it so you can activate extort everytime (and sometimes multiple times in a turn) when playing spells. 

EDIT:  You should be running more land anyway since your curve isn't low (ie you have 12 spells with a cmc of 4 or more here and only 21 land)... If you're going to keep allot of the spells you have that cost 4 or more, consider running 24 land here as a minimum.  

How to autocard:

[c]Blaze[/c] = Blaze

you can also...


38 Relentless Rats

22 Swamp



I have played casual Orzhov myself a couple of times. I'm not sure how to optimize it 100%, but I did notice that defense is a big deal for Orzhov, this is because their creatures are weak/not impressive in terms of power/toughness.
And since their main tactic is stalling, it isn't a bad idea to invest in some sort of control like lots of Pacifism and Oblivion Rings.
Or the other way around is to somehow buff your little critters so that they you do not feel too overwhelmed by your opponent. Cheap, global buff spells are good for this (you can try out Honor of the Pure or something like that).
One more thing. It is absolutely essential that your extort creatures stay alive. They may not look like it, but they're your bread and butter, even if you have to block a creature favorably (ie your creature dies but so do theirs), sometimes it isn't worth it since the extort is your main thing.
This may sound obvious, but by playing "traditional" creature decks very often like I do, I tend to forget this kind of thing.
In my opinion, every Orzhov Extort needs this card: [C]Crypt Ghast[/C] 

It adds to your mana pool and offers the extort ability. I run x4 in my Extort. Also, it may be a good idea to run x3/x4 of creatures instead of so many x1's. [C]Vampire Nighthawk[/C] should be a x3/x4 because he's freaking awesome.

[C]Tragic Slip[/C] is better than crippling blight. Also, not sure you need [C]Divine Favor[/C] in this deck.

[C]Rhox Faithmender[/C] is a much better option than [C]Guardian Lions[/C]   
I run 4 Syndic of Tithes, Cremate, Cloudshift, Death's Approach, Thrull Parasite, and Dutiful Thrull. Spash in Kingpin's Pet, Basilica Screecher, Vizkopa Guildmage. This is a rough list as I don't have my deck in front of me, it's standard and focuses on getting out a lot of extorting creatures and cheap spells to extort. I find it's best in multiplayer as it's a bit to slow for one on one (at least with the agressive bunch I play with).

Edit:so many spelling mistakes. I've gotten them all fixed now so the auto card should work.
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