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So I bought a pack of 285 cards yesterday to get started playing this game, and I built a deck that I thought seemed rather nice, but I'd like your opinions on it. It's a blue/white deck, with an emphasis on humans for the white portion. 

Stormtide Leviathan x1
Welkin Tern x1
Vedalken Entrancer x1
Mist Raven x1
Gryff Vanguard x1
Fog Bank x1
Jace's Phantasm x2
Niblis of the Breath x1
Watercourser x1 

Crusader of Odric x2
Attended Knight x2
Gavony Ironwright x1
Fiend Hunter x1
Cathederal Sanctifier x1
Elguad Inquisitor x1

Plain x12
Island x12 
Evolving Wilds x1

Peel from Reality x1

Safe Passage x1
Cursebreak x1
Rally the Peasants x1
Moment of Heroism x1
Glorious Charge x1

Curiosity x1

Bonds of Faith x3
Pacifism x1
Intangible Virtue x1

Divination x1
Mind Sculpt x1
Dreadwaters x1

Captain's Call x1
Gather the Townsfolk x1

Any constructive criticism would be gladly appreciated.
hello and welcome to the forum

please autocard your cards
either individually like so: [c]Island[/c] => Island
or the whole deck like so
[deck]24 Swamp
36 Relentless Rats[/deck]

generally speaking without knowing all the cards
less 1-ofs and more 4-ofs
decide which cards are your best and run 4 copies of them
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Did as you asked, and this is what I have. Didn't have many multiples of some of my better cards.
Did as you asked, and this is what I have. Didn't have many multiples of some of my better cards.

Post the deck list as you would want it ideally, solicit feedback, and then use it to find out which cards you need to buy or trade for.

Here are two good articles that I recommend:

Building Your First Deck

Magic the Classroom: The Rule of Nine

I would suggest getting some Gates from RTR. Azorius Guildgate will allow you to play either color, they aren't expensive to buy and although many people will tell you to dump money into Shock Lands I wouldn't worry about it for now. I would cut out the mill theme. You don't have enough cards to make it worth your while. White/Blue does great at control so perhaps look into some counterspells like Mana Leak or Dissipate. Oblivion Ring is great (or just get more Fiend Hunter). I would also play Captain of the Watch since you have lots of stuff for token generation and she buffs other soldier creatures.

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