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Edited: The link below has been updated with the revised version

Hello everyone ... I'm not sure if I've ever posted here before but I would be very surprised if anyone recognized my name.

In any case, I'm a DM about to run a campaign set in the Nentir Vale, using a lot of D&D Essentials products at my disposal (all of them actually).

I'm making this thread because I found it unsatisfying that there were no pre-made backgrounds available for this setting, or at least in the rulebooks I have.

So, looking at various factions and places described in the Dungeon Master's Book that came with the Dungeon Master's Kit, I decided that I would type up my own backgrounds and share them with the community.

Some of the text in these backgrounds are quotes from the book, a lot of it is invented. I'm sure there is expanded material out that conflicts with the liberties I've taken.

I intend to run The Twisting Halls, followed by The Reavers of Harkenwold, and these backgrounds reflect that idea, but they can be easily modified to accomodate different plot hooks or a more general idea. 

DMs more inventive and knowledgable than myself could conceivably add Powers to these and make them into full fledged Themes ala the Neverwinter Campaign Guide.

Anyway, I hope it helps somebody spice up player options. It's just a for-fun exercise, and you're free to use it.

There are twelve backgrounds in all. They are written in such a way that there are no pre-requisites for them. Some might fit a dwarf more, or a mage, or a half-orc, or what have you, but it allows for there to be exceptions in every case.

Let me know what you think. 

Here is a link to the file on Google Drive:
Those look great. Nentir is a fun place for a "sandbox" style game. Enjoy!
Very nice.  Thank you for sharing.

We're starting up a new 4e campaign this summer, focused on Nentir Vale (with Fallcrest as home base).  I've been thinking about writing a short 'Player's Guide' but haven't been sure how/where to start.  These backrounds have sparked my imagination already.  Consider 'em snatched ;).  I also like to let others know where I pick stuff up, so credit where credit is due and all that.

Thanks again.
/\ Art
Glad it's going to be of use to you! 

Just a few notes of revision: to better fit with The Twisting Halls, if you are going to run that, I think the only mistake I made was with the River Rat background ... The ship should run ashore just outside Fallcrest in the Moon Hills, as that is where the Twisting Halls is located.

Although of course if you don't plan on running the Twisting Halls it doesn't matter, and it sounds like you're doing more your own thing starting is Fallcrest, which I think is cool.

Thank you both for the compliments, makes me happy that people will be getting use out of them.

EDIT: The Halfmoon Informant would also need slight revision, where the directions given to the character should lead into the Moon Hills, not a forest to the north. Again, this could be left as is if you aren't running Twisting Halls. 

I may upload a revised version soon.
Can you post this to the Nentir Vale setting forum too?
I didn't know there was a Nentir Vale setting forum! Yes, I will
Nice. I have been using the generic backgrounds and themes or the FR ones simply substituting place and faction names. I like what you've done!

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