Recommendations for a Battlefield Control Specialist?

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Hi everyone,

I'll be popping into a D&D game occasionally. It has a large number of players, some of whom are level 5 by now, but new characters are expected to start at level 1. So I need a character who can contribute while avoiding the hottest part of the battle.

I've been wanting to play a battlefield controller for a while, so this seems like a good opportunity - spellcasters can usually hide behind the melee types.

Which classes would you recommend? I think I can use the PHB, DMG and Complete series.

Right now, after reading the Wizard's Handbook and the Conjurer's Handbook I'm thinking Conjurer with the Focused Specialist (Conjuration) Alternative Class Feature, forbidding Evocation, Necromancy and Enchantment. The first Prestige Class will be Master Specialist.


As if anyone doesn't go Incantatrix because they forgot to or something...

Of course, Incantatrix, whilst awesome, is an FR PrC, so may or may not be available in your game.

Really, a fairly plain Conjurer should be fine so long as you use decent spells. Things like Grease and Glitterdust are nice Conjuration low-level spells which can be pretty useful. If you're using a lot of battlefield control spells, things like Sculpt Spell [CAr] might also be useful to give you a bit more reliability and versetility.
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