Stacking Cipher, and Extort

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This is a question of two parts:
1: Can a single creature be encoded with multiple Ciphers?
2: When a Cipher ability is triggered, can Extort also be triggered?

Example: I have three creatures in play, a Deathcult Rogue and two Syndicate Enforcers. If Ciphers can be stacked, I have Shadow Slice, Whispering Madness, and Midnight Recovery encoded on the Rogue. The Rogue attacks, unblocked. Can I trigger both Whispering Madness AND Midnight recovery to bring one of those discarded creatures into my hand, trigger Shadow Slice to have the defending player take lose three life, then tap six swamps to extort him twice (from the two Syndicate Enforcers) for the Cipher casting of each of the spells? 

And after that, could I do the same next turn?

From the reading of the cards and the associated rules, this seems to be a legit and rule-following strategy, I just wanted to make sure it was within the bounds of the rules to do so. 
Yes to both questions
1. Yup. Both will trigger if the creature deals damage to a player.

2. Yup. If you cast a copy of an encoded card, you are casting a spell. (It doesn't matter that there is no card for that spell. It doesn't matter that you are using an alternate casting cost. It doesn't matter that you are casting it when you don't have priority.)
awesome, thank you guys for the help. 
For 2) do note, that while the end result is correct, the actual order of events is way different (I think, you can do it that way to simplify the process, and it should be covered by the rules for out-of-order-sequencing and shortcuts).

Each cypher ability creates a trigger, and that trigger allows you to cast a copy of the encoded card while it is resolving. so you put all three cypher triggers on the stack. The top one resolves and you cast the copy, which triggers extort twice (two Enforcers). Those triggers are put on top of the other cypher triggers and have to resolve before the next cypher copy is created and cast. So you may pay for the first extort, then again for the second, then you get to cast the next cypher copy. And so on.

This is also, why you can target a creature card discarded for the copy of Whispering Madness with the copy of Midnight Recovery. MR isn't cast yet, so you didn't choose a target yet. If all cypher copies where cast directly, this wouldn't be possible.

Also, to autocard: [*c]Whispering Madness[*/c] without the *s becomes Whispering Madness.
Omg!!! Thank you guys sooooo much! I'm a fairely new player (and sort of an orzhov underdog) and i have been trying to build an orzhov deck (gatecrash cards only) from scratch. This would really help me finish my deck and i'll be able to extort even more later in the game in just one turn! [:D][:D][:D] Now i have a use for my 3x Midnight Recovery and my 3x Shadow Slice[/c} sitting in my deck boxes. I need to get my hands on some [c]Mental Vapors

Thanks again! [:D][:D][:D]
oh wow......did i just do that? smh smh smh..... -___-