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with any luck I will be starting a campain soon, and one of my ideas was the have a metaphorical prophetic fight. meaing a fight where everything is a metaphor, like one dwarf runs from the fights and that means that the dwarfs will not help in a coming fight, or a group of solders is helping the PCs but they have tin foil or armor to show that the group they represent have **** supplies.

anyone done anything like this before?
Insulting someones grammar on a forum is like losing to someone in a drag race and saying they were cheating by having racing stripes. Not only do the two things not relate to each other (the logic behind the person's position, and their grammar) but you sound like an idiot for saying it (and you should, because its really stupid )
I haven't personally had anything like this happen but you could have the Pcs affect it. For example if a PC Mage fireballs three enemies then have three factions be the target of a bomb or terrorist attack later in the campaign. Or if a fighter keeps multiple enemies locked down then multiple factions stay distracted by a single target at the expense of dealing with a bigger or more numerous threat. Of course to represe ithis would depend on the PC classes and tactics and on the enemies you have them face. Maybe you could even guilt the party with this when something goes bad in there world.


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