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In scenarios where Drizz't controls Gwenhyvar: When Gwenhyvar kills a monster during the monster activation phase, does that still allow the player to draw a treasure card as happens when the heroes kill a monster during the Hero phase?
I wonder the same thing, as I often use Guenhwyvar when playing as Drizzt. When I play, I do draw a treasure card when Gwen kills a monster...

The way I see it, she is supposed to be an aid to the fight/campaign, not a problem... If she killed all the monsters, they would be no treasure.

Whenever any player kills a monster normally, and draws a treasure card, they can choose to give that treasure to another player; when playing Gwen I just always give the loot to Drizzt, as Gwen doesn't have hands to sift through pockets and such.

It's probably 'wrong' according to the rules, but makes most sense to me.
I would tend to agree with Dragonfel.

If there was a necromancer 'Hero', it is likely that the hero would never gain a treasure card if not played as mentioned above.  Another thing to remember is that it was Drizzt who 'summoned' or brought out Gwen, therefore, its an alternate version of the mage's ice cloud (CR) or the cleric's Spikes (WoA).
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