Breaking AC

What is the highest AC we can reach?

+1 Iron Hide (Feat)
+1 Shield of Faith (Multi Target, Concentration, Short Duration)
+1 Prayer (Multi Target, Concentration, Short Duration)
+2 Bark Skin (Single Target, Concentration, Long Duration)
+2 Haste (Single Target, Concentration, Short Duration)
+2 Shield
+3 Defender (2 Hander)

Short Duration = 1 Minute
Long Duration > 1 Minute

Most common highest monster attack bonus is +8, with the actual highest being +10
plate mail +3 (base 21)
+1 ring of protection, or +1 dusty rose ioun stone (they don't stack)
I dont feel Ring of Protection stacks with any magical item, but Dusty Rose does


Plate Mail +3 21
Iron Hide 22
Defender 25
Ioun Stone 26
Prayer or Shield of Faith 27 (your Cleric will probably upkeep one)
Bark Skin or Haste 29 (Someone will need to cast this on you every fight)

That would be enough to counter every monster except the few that have +10 to hit
+1 mountain dwarven racial passive

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