Battle Song Expertise this a bug or am I misunderstanding it?

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Guy in our group has a level 14 bard, he's planning on using a 'Bard Song Shortbow' (bards can use this as an implement) as his implement.

He has taken the feat: Battle Song Expertise, which states:
Benefit: You gain a +1 feat bonus to attack rolls you make with any weapon with which you have proficiency and with a wand or another item designated as a bard implement. This bonus increases to +2 at 11th level and +3 at 21st level.
    You also gain a +1 feat bonus to the number of squares that you can pull, push, or slide creatures with your bard attacks and bard paragon path attacks.

Now, to me, that means he should get a +2 feat bonus to normal ranged attacks and +2 feat bonus to implement attacks, right?

However, in the characteer builder, that isn't the case...Jink Shot (weapon) shows the +2, however his staggering note (implement) does not show the +2...

Is this a bug of the character builder or am I reading this incorrectly? 
Do you have the Bard Song Shortbow checked on the "show on power cards" column in the equipment section?

If so, then yes, it's a bug.

What you think you're doing here is exactly how the feat is supposed to work.  If it's not working, it's a bug in the Builder.  They happen.
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yea, it's the only weapon he has and shows in the character builder as well. good to know it's a bug...
Yeah, Battle Song Expertise is bugged in the builder.  If you want a math-fix in the builder, houserule in the Versatile Expertise feat and remember you've got +1 on forced movement, or you can just add +1/2/3 to the print outs by hand.

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