Flaming Sphere: Wizard 1st level spell?

The name of the thread says it all.  Looking at the spell lists for wizards, Flaming Sphere is listed with the first level spells for Wizards.  It is listed with the second level spells for the Druid, and the spell itself says its a 2nd level conjuration spell.  

I assume this is a mistake and it was printed in the wrong list, but it got me wondering (hoping) that maybe the spell is availble to the Wizard as a level 1 because it is a different class.  Another point I'd like to make is that it is not also listed with the level 2 spells for a Wizard, so it wasn't accidently copy/pasted, in alphabetical order, among the level 1 spells.

I admit that I know this theory is incorrect, the level 2 spell is listed with the level 1 spells on accident, but it got me thinking about the idea.  Certain classes able to use different spell slots for different spells.  Or even different Traditions (Circles/Deities/etc.) changing their access to slots.  Such as the School of Evocation Wizard able to cast their spells as a lower slot, or less powerful, can choose 1 evocation spell under level 5 and can cast it with a spell slot one under the spell level.  (awkward way to say you can cast the titular Flaming Sphere with a level 1 slot, but still retain its level 2 spell stats for example)  Sort of like how the fluff of Cantrips is that they are spells that the Wizard has practiced so much it has become trivial to cast.  The Wizard has practiced their higher level spell enough that the spell becomes that much easier to perform.

My post for clarification turned into a rambling thought experiment that could give a Wizard more options with their spells.  But I find it an interesting idea, even if it would take alot of work to implement and balance.
I'm betting it's a typo.

In any case, spells having different levels for different classes is one thing I hope they don't do in this edition.
There are actually several spells where this happens. Anumal Messenger (2nd) is listed on Druid 2nd and Wizard 1st, and Locate Animals and Plants (2nd) is listed on Cleric 1st and Druid 2nd, were two that I caught. For the most part if they are going with different classes with sells at different levels I don't mind but Flaming Sphere causes a problem because of the way it scales as you increase the spell slot. I do hope they correct/clarify this.

Also I noticed that Sound Blast  (traditionally a cleric and Bard Spell) is not on any spell list even though it has a full write-up.
Sound blast is on the storm domain for clerics.
They're just pasting stuff. Flaming Sphere is a 2nd-level spell in other editions. If you doubt that, check out all the spells that reference Limited Wish, a spell that hasn't made its way into Next yet.
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