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I believe gnolls are the only "player race" without a flex stat. Is there any chance that will be rectified?

Also, what do you all think the flex stat should be?
Just like errata to allow the wielding of two shields (Snapping Testudo Paragon Path) and errata to allow any race regardless of character weight, but not the weight of the character's weapons/armor/items/gears/ammo/etc to ride a mount without applying the encumberence rules... I hope. Althought I doubt it. Regardless I think a choice between Strength and Constitution or Dexterity and Intelligence would be most fitting.
There is no chance that it will be rectified. Various of the other 'monster' PC races also don't have flex stats.

Str+dex/int would be reasonable (currently genasi is the only str-int race and it would be nice for there to be an option on that stat array). 
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Unfortunately, gnolls are the only full Player Character race not to have a flex stat and I've sent in suggestions for articles on PC gnolls and gotten shut down each time. As much as I love them though, Int would not make sense whatsoever for their flex stat. Gnolls are cunning yes, but they aren't noted for being geniuses. Strength or Charisma would have been the third stat more likely.
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While other "monster races" don't have a flex stat, gnolls are a "player race" (as WolfLordBran pointed out). I believe they're the only player race to not have a flex stat. It seems like an odd oversight to leave one race out. I was thinking Dexterity + Strength or Constitution (thus adding Strength as a flex stat).
There are only two races that are Strength + Dexterity (Half Orc and Thri-Kreen) so I think it would be a good fit. Also, in previous editions Strength was the gnoll's highest bonus. They've previously had a *negative* Charisma modifier, so I don't see Charisma as a flex stat. And don't we have enough Wisdom + Dexterity races? (Intelligence is clearly out.)
Dex + Str/Con would be a solid option.
Con + Str/Dex seems a bit more in line with tradition, in that it allows for Str+Con which was their older edition stat bonuses.
(My two gnoll ranger PCs in LFR would appreciate the str boost. )  
It seems gnolls are more associated with Dexterity now, however. From the recent Wandering Monsters article: "A few other things that differentiate gnolls from orcs: Gnolls are more agile (high Dexterity) and poor leaders (low Charisma). They have accomplished archers, partly because of that high Dexterity."

Also, there are five Str/Con races (and even more if you use "monster races" - and orcs are legal in LFR) and (as I said earlier) only two Str/Dex races.
My group and I gave Gnolls a Wisdom option along side Con in our games, since most of their monster casters seemed less arcane and more divine in nature to us (albeit the Demon worshiping type of Divine XD). It also seems like a typical "hunter" type of stat.
Yeah, "monster races" seem to get Wisdom a lot. I could understand that. That being said, there are already 10 Wis+Dex races out there.

Historically, a gnoll's strength was its defining characteristic (attribute-wise). The only reference in the 1st edition Monster Manual (the first time they're described as hyena-like, as opposed to - and I kid you not - a cross between a gnome and a troll) to their physical or mental attributes is "Gnolls are strong."

In the second edition "Complete Book of Humanoids" (the first time they are described as a player race, I believe) they are given this description: "The initial ability scores are modified by a +1 bonus to Strength, and a -1 penalty to Intelligence and Charisma."

In Basic D&D, "The Orcs of Thar" supplement gave rules on creating gnolls: +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom.

3rd edition gnolls attribute modifiers were +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, and -2 Charisma.

Based on this history of gnolls (and even in the gnoll article on 5th edition), I'd say Strength makes the most sense. The only reference to Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma are as negatives. And, for meta-reasons, we're lacking Strength/Dexterity races (and have a ton of Wisdom/Dexterity races, and even several Wisdom/Constitution races).
Personally, the way I think about is, "Which classes should this race excel at?"
Seriously, though, you should check out the PbP Haven. You might also like Real Adventures, IF you're cool.
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I agree that looking at classes that fit a race is a good way to determine attribute bonuses.

Historically, when it comes to classes, here’s the history of the gnoll that I could ascertain:

1st edition: no mention of clerics / shamans / druids / etc. – only a list of weapons that they used (bows and a bunch of melee weapons).

In basic D&D gnoll was a race and class (much like dwarf, elf, and halfling). They advanced as fighters.

According to 2nd edition, gnolls could be (max level in parenthesis): fighters (11), clerics (9), shamans (5), witch doctors (5), and thieves (11).

For third edition, the gnoll’s favored class was ranger (from the Monster Manual). Clerics were also mentioned. In Monster Manual 4, the example gnolls were a ranger, a cleric, and a warlock.

In Dragon 367 the playing gnolls article says “Play a gnoll to be a member of a race that favors the rogue, ranger, and warlock classes.”

Clearly gnolls should be good fighters, rangers, thieves/rogues, warlocks and clerics (each coming up at least twice).

With a Dex + Str/Con split, gnolls would be excellent assassins, barbarians, berserkers, fighters, monks, rogues, runepriests, slayers, and thieves (sharing both a primary and secondary stat). They would be good battleminds, blackguards, cavaliers, clerics (strength primary), executioners, hunters, knights, paladins, rangers (both melee and ranged), scouts, vampires, wardens, warlocks (con), and warlords (sharing a primary stat).

That seems to cover all the classes gnolls “should” excel at.
They wouldn't be much good as warlocks that way, though.

TBH, I'm not sure that looking at the "historical" versions is very helpful because up until 4E they were just part of the mass of "generic dumb brute humanoid" races (who were really only distinguished from one another by their hit dice values) and no real thought was put into making them distinct from the rest.

While Strength is still a reasonable fit to 4E's gnolls and the character they've been given, so is Charisma, and I feel it's a better option for a flex stat because it doesn't pigeonhole them as much. Why does it fit? The "friendly intimidation" thing they have going. They don't generally make good leaders because of their typical STYLE of leadership, but as individuals they certainly need forceful personalities or they'll end up at the bottom of the food chain (and for them that's a fatal place to be).

Making Con + Dex or Cha the flex would play much more heavily to the warlock option (while still being good for the ranger and rogue sides) and have the curious effect of also making them solid battleminds; there aren't a huge number of many Con/Cha options out there, either. Dex + Con/Cha would also be suitable though, and since Dex seems to be their defining physical stat, is probably a better compromise option. In my own games I've gone with the Dex + Con/Cha option.
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