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I try putting as little expensive Innistrad cards as possible, with the only expensive cards being Olivia, and only because I'm getting one for EDH anyways. 

The win-con is Duskmantle Seer, Runechanter's Spike and Olivia Voldaren.

Using plethora of burns, counters, bounces and removals to stall until I can get to Seer or Staff of nin, then get more cards to bounce, counter and destroy while getting in damage with Seer. Then win.

After ISD and M13 rotates out,  Dissipate will have to be replaced with cancel, psychic strike or some other good M14 hard counter. 1 Olivia will be replaced with 1 Duskmantle Seer. The augur and an olivia will probably be replaced with 4 goblin electromancers, Searing spear with its M14 equivalent, runechanter's and staff of nin with more counterspells or better artifacts, and unsummon with its m14 equivalent or if have to more cyclonic rifts.

Favourite thing to do with this deck is definitely unsummon their thragtusk/restoration angel/hellkite/hellrider at the end of opponent's turn or when they are summoned, then proceed to slaughter games it on your turn; that's why it's mainboard.

I wouldn't use staff of nin  in a deck trying to use duskmantle seer  taking 6 damage because you drew it can really hurt you, I would suggest adding something else maybe some think twices or something along those lines.

also with the current meta game being mostly aggro I would suggest running a few more sweepers, mutilate  will not be an effective way to clear the board with only 6 swamps in your deck, I would suggest mizzium mortars  and rolling temblor  for the job, mizzium mortars  can be used as targeted removal early in the game or a good sweeper later in the game, and rolling temblor  is an effective early game sweeper that can be flashbacked for later use.

im also questioning if duskmantle seer  is really the best idea for this deck, he works best in a deck with spells that costs less then 3 mana so you arn't going to be hitting yourself for obscene amounts of damage over the course of the game, I might suggest bloodgift demon  if your looking for a continual draw engine that will hurt you and give you an attacker, not to mention with bloodgift demon  your not giving your enemy any card advantage, unless you want to target him with the ability.

I also wouldn't worry too much about the cycling of standard yet, we have lots of time before anything changes...

Rotation is like 5 months out...You don't need to be THAT ready for it.

That said, people need to give up on [C]Duskmantle Seer[/C] in standard right now.  He's REALLY bad.  I know he's a mythic and his art is really cool, but the card itself is just aweful without more support.  The best part about the card right now is that he's a 4-drop with flying.  His effect is neutral as it helps/hurts both players equally.  Ideally you'd build your deck around him to keep your mana cost low and make some sort of tempo play with some good library manipulation ([C]Ponder[/C] is sorely missed) but the cards for that just aren't available right now. 

I thought he looked really cool and experimented with him for a couple weeks, but I can honestly say that he was effective maybe once out of 50 games, and that was against a reanimator deck where I Gisella'd the opponent in the face. 

Has anyone tried an (X) deck arround duskmantle seer? Low damage from the cards but could use large amounts of mana
I have.  It didn't really make a difference.  A deck that relies on (X) cards is unfortunately going to be too slow, which is the main problem with him anyways.  If you're playing against aggro, by the time he hits the field he's going to be doing more harm than good.  If you're playing against midrange or control, you're unlikely to have done enough damage by the time he gets out to finish with him.  The opponent will have a commanding board/card advantage and Seer is not going to be able to finish the job because he's feeding an enemy who wins by card advantage. 

A deck around him needs low cost aggro/tempo plays like the old [C]Delver of Secrets[/C] decks, where low mana cards could do a lot of damage early and you had good cantrips etc. to make sure you didn't take too much damage early.  Either than or he needs some lifegain support for cheaper than is available right now.

This kind of Duskmantle Seer Grixis could work. 
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