Phantasmal KIller, best target?

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     Was in a game with my wizard/master specialist (illusion)  in the fight there were 3 weak guys, 1 medium difficulty guy, and a huge difficult guy.  I was like "I'll do phantasmal killer on a weak guy" I got told by my team that ph. killer should be only used on the biggest guy possible cause that would be considered a wate. 
     My thought proccess going on is? big boss guy=big fortitude so 3d6 damage=bad, kill off little guys faster so we can deal with problem that lies ahead (big boss guy didnt come til like 3+ rounds later) Apparantly that is bad strategy.  I don't see that as bad at all, since lesser monsters would easily fail both saves, with bigger guys, I probably have like a 10% chance to get him to fail both saves.
   I do have Spell Mastery, one of those spells happens to be ph. Killer, and I do have uncanny forethought, so I can cast ph. killer a total of 8 times, so I don't see the big deal with that all.  Anyone see a problem with it?
Ok, I think this landed in the wrong form and you should have simply been looking for the Previous Editions General form instead of the RPG General which covers ALL roleplaying game.

Considering that it is a two save instant Death spell I think you may be fine using on smaller fish to take them out so everyone can concentrate on the real threat.  I know I'd probably target the lightly armored, non-spellcaster assuming neither high WIS or FORT saves but with two chances to save it may not be the best spell to use against the BBEG granted it can get luck an autowins 1:400 times.