need a few more rp ideas for a female drow sniper

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hey all, im starting a new game in a few weeks and i wanna try and rp this character well. 

full name: Alaun afay of House Claad t'tar
race: drow 
alias: "Cobra"
gender: Female 
class: Rogue/cloaked sniper with a hand xbow

 to give the skinny on the back story, Cobra is the youngest daughter of a really feared drow House in the underdark. the "weaker" males are suppose to be servants while the stronger males become warriors of surface raiding parties.

 By orders of her matron mother, she is suppose to engage is study of Lolth and work to become a strong cleric of the spider queen. she dislikes the way her female brethern treat males and the basic attitude of her family. she is also bored by training in clerical duties.

her brother (the only female member she likes), is also the House Claad Weapons master. while he trains Cobra in martial training, Cobra begins to take a liking is being a soldier opposed to a cleric, but knows her mother and sisters would never approve of that path.

so her brother leads a raid and takes Cobra along, going against all rules of the family. after a raid goes terribly wrong, Cobra is the last remaining member of the raid (the others either fled, were killed, or taken prisoner), but because she was a sniper, she was plenty yards away from the battle. So she uses this oppurtunity to find the surviving members of her platoon.

so her qualities are
- tom boy ish. She acts like a soldier more than any other qualities
- dutiful
-  hatred against treating others poorly
- dislikes ordering people and dislikes not having free will
- stealthy and perceptive. Loves to take the "perfect shot"
- prideful in her martial prowess
- dislikes Lolth but know she should never admit it nor even think it

So how would a character like this interact with a player group? How can you RP a cool confidence? Being a drow female already has its flaws, how can she act to try and abolish those would-be first impressions? How would she react to the innate hatred the surface people would automatically have twards her? Because she knows she isnt like other drow females, but others wouldnt know that. How do you RP generic duty/honor as a generally wicked race?

thanks in advance for your help!         

"Every battle offers an opportunity of victory. It's up to you to summon the courage to grasp that moment!" -- Kurando (Shadowhearts: Covenant)


"A man doesn't think he acts!" -- Kamina (Gurren Lagann)

I like the backstory. Anyway, one way to go would be to play her as always having a tight reign on her emotions. It sounds like she would have had to conceal how she really felt for a long time to survive (training in bluff is definitely a must). If she smiles, it doesn't tend to be big. She doesn't express anger by shouting, but through glares.

A caveat could be that she becomes much more animated in the presence of people she really trusts. Initially, this would have only been her brother, but hopefully this will extend to the other PCs with time.

Also, I'd play her as patient. Patience is a requirement of a sniper, and it also would help with relating to others since she won't fly off the handle at any quasi-imagined slight, as most drow are wont to do.
Your character doesn't need to be honorable or dutiful. All you need to be is loyal to the party. Stealthy and aloof characters can be fun to play but they can go wrong. Be loyal to your party. The reason you are loyal to your party is the thing you need to figure out. Why did your drow join a party? What are her goals? Treasure? Prestige? To appease her mother or brother?

I ran a female drow barbarian once and she had mommy issues too. After being betrayed to fight in arena events for several years (we started at level 11), she was able to escape and flee the underdark. The group I was with was simply an extra set of eyes. Trusting them was not something that came easy, but the party proved its value.

Let your party become allies but uneasy ones. Let the relationship develop and perhaps after saving your hide a couple times your drow will learn loyalty to the party.


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