Barbarian v. Fighter

So I was discussing the new packet with a friend that was intending to play a barbarian from the last packet but did not get the chance. He feels the barbarian has been nerfed to the point of being incomparable with the fighter because of a lack of damage and survivability. I'm no good at the math but it seems to me a raging barbarian should have a better average damage and better staying power then a fighter.
Do you guys feel the barbarian was really brought down that much or are the two still close enough to be comparable?
Barbarian hasnt been nerfed at all. Why does he think this? If anything with the change from MDD to Deadly Strike and fighters getting Expertise dies its that fighters got a slight buff. As for Barbarians nothing has changed for us other than MDD. Go look at monk if he thinks barbarian got shat on. Monks cant flurry of blows anymore and they just look like way weaker versions of barbarians. Their Ki attacks are nothing like our whole round Rage buff.
Pagoda is right. The only thing that changed about the Barbarian is how they presented its extra damage. He still has resistance against practically everything but energy attacks. Fighter is actually more vulnerable now because it's can't just throw a ton of dice to soak up every attack. 
I'm not sure where they're getting that from. As far as I can tell in terms of raw damage and survivability, the Barbarian outclasses the Fighter. They have the same Deadly Strike bonus, same attack bonus, but the Barbarian gets an extra +14 damage and advantage on all attack rolls. The Barbarian lacks heavy armor, but gets light armor, and takes half damage from all weapon based attacks. Anytime he would normally die he can make a relatively low DC con save to instead still have 1 hp, regenerates hp each round....

The Barbarian may not have a lot of choices, but he seems to pretty much completely outclass the Fighter in everything except raw AC. The only time the Fighter might have better damage is level 1, or in very long days with more encounters than the barbarian has rages.
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