Missing spells and inconsistencies in the Spells document

After going through the Spells document with the latest playtest, I've found a few missing spells and inconsistencies with levels.

Missing Spells. These are listed in the spell lists, but aren't defined elsewhere:
Airy Water
Creeping Doom
Dispel Evil
Reverse Gravity
Tree Shape

There is disparity between which level these spells are presented in the spell lists, and what their description reads:
Animal Messenger
Hold Person
Save from Death (listed as an option under Druid class, nowhere in spell packet) is also missing

Flaming Sphere is listed as a lvl 1 Wizard spell in the spell list, listed as level 2 in the description 
I think different classes are supposed to have different levels they can learn spells, this is probably intended. It is a little confusing to see the numbers change, the only real solution is to remove them or list all the possible levels like in 3rd edition (Cleric 3, Druid 3, Ranger 4, etc)

As for the missing spells, if anybody really needs them ASAP, you can look up some of them in pathfinder. Save from Death should probably just stabalize a character with negative hit points as a swift action. 

Heres my conversion of Dispel Evil as well if you are interested


Tree Shape, Reverse gravity and airy water are really simple spells that are more RP than mechanics... Druidcraft... I have no idea what that is though. Creeping doom could just summon a bunch of giant centipedes I guess... seems less than useful without swarm rules. 
Creeping Doom is at the top of the right-hand column on page 12 between Create Water and Cure Minor Wounds.

It summons a swarm of spiders, ants and centipedes in a 50 foot cloud that deal damage to any target within the cloud.

One spell you've missed off your list is Fire Storm, which is in the same boat as Earthquake. Rules text lists it as level 7 but the Cleric and Druid spell lists have it as level 8. Just like Earthquake, only Druids and Clerics can currently cast it, so I don't think this is a case of spells having different levels depending on your class, I think it is someone not proof-reading the document fully before release.

I will also add that Remove Curse and Sound Burst have rules text in the Spell pdf but do not appear on any class's spell list.

The latest packet was also updated yesterday. Druidcraft is now included and the Spare from Dying cantrip has been replaced with Cure Minor Wounds for the Moon Druid. 
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