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are there any other sorcerer kings besides the ones listed in the official book, (4e that is) particularly of the home brew variety? i found one but it was DDI, so, im buggered......iFrame RemovediFrame Removed
I'm certain there are more mentioned in books or 2E stuff, but I remember that there was recently an article which introduced the sealed-off city of Eldariich. The Sorcerer King there is particularly mad and paranoid, so much so that his city has become paranoid too. The city is located off the (standard 4e) map North-East. I can't find the article, but I really liked the idea behind it myself.

There is also the Sorcerer King in Exile, King Hanaksaman www.wizards.com/dnd/downloads/dragon/407...
yeah the Eldariich one is the one i stumbled across. but alas, i has no DDI account...... poop.....this is why i prefer the open source gaming...iFrame RemovediFrame Removed
Eldaarich's Daskinor and Kurn's Oronis are official, not homebrew. They are the two SKs that are geographically located outside of what is considered DS's standard gaming arena.

Irikos is a now dead Champion appearing in the non-DS 2nd Edition supplement The Book of Artifacts, and then in the DS 2nd Edition supplement Psionic Artifacts of Athas.

Pennarin is a now dead Champion appearing in the Lynn Abbey DS novel Rise and Fall of a Dragon King.

Egendo is the Athas.org-named Champion that Borys is said to have replaced, according to that Lynn Abbey novel (she left him unnamed). He is imprisonned far to the north, in the Trembling Plains region. He appears in Athas.org 3rd Edition supplement Faces of the Forgotten North.

Merek is a now dead defiler warlord appearing in the 2nd Edition adventure Dragon's Crown.

Several other now dead defiler warlords were invented for the Athas.org 3rd Edition supplement Legends of Athas; they are Merovech, Setare, Amen Thal, and Vaque. 

you, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. was one of those the SK that converted to preserving and became an avangion?iFrame RemovediFrame Removed
you, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. was one of those the SK that converted to preserving and became an avangion?iFrame RemovediFrame Removed

That'd be Oronis (aka Keltis). Other avangions include Korgunard (from Arcane Shadows and Dragon's Crown), Nerad (he's dead, but Korgunard learned of avangions through his work), and the Great One (an avangion from the Blue Age IIRC???)

There's also another couple of dragons...
Farcluun (from Black Flames) and Graytch(an old minion of Kalak, gone rogue). Faces of the Forgotten North (from athas.org) also has Dot Mal Payne changed into a dragon.

As for the Sorcerer-Monarchs here are the official ones (2e/3e/3.5)...

Balic - Andropinis

Andropinis (the Champion Albeorn) is imprisoned in the Black in FY 10. A triumvirate of merchant lords then leads.

Eldaarich - Daskinor
Daskinor, like the other SKs is a Champion of Rajaat

Draj - Tectuktitlay
Tec is killed by Rajaat in FY 10. A council of psionicists instill the boy Atzetuk as king, claiming he is Tec's son - FALSE

Giustenal - Dregoth (this city is now in ruins after the other SKs ganged up and killed him)
Dregoth is still active in New Giustenal as an undead dragon-king

Gulg - Lalali-Puy
She went by the name Ininek as a Champion of Rajaat

Kalidnay - Kalid-ma (this city is now in ruins after a few of the other SKs ganged up and killed him)
Kalid-ma was killed for trying to make the metamorphosis into dragonhood, and it's where Kalak got the idea

Kurn - Oronis
He was the Champion Keltis, now turned preserver

Nibenay - Nibenay
He was the Champion Gallard and nearest to becoming a full LIVING dragon, after Borys is killed

Raam - Abalach-Re
She was the Champion Uyness and was killed in FY 10. Raam is now an anarchist city-state

Tyr - Kalak
Kalak's gonners....obviously

Ur Draxa - the Dragon of Tyr.....kooky, aye
He was the Champion Borys and is killed in FY 10. Ur Draxa is destroyed

Urik - Hamanu
He's a Champion, too. If you wanna go by RaFoaDK...in FY 14, IIRC, Hamanu gets himself imprisoned with Rajaat while resealing his bonds. The Spirit of Urik takes his place.

Yaramuke - Sielba (this city is now in ruins after Hamanu killed her)
made you look...hee hee....she's still dead, but was a Champion

Other Rulers of Note (WC)
Celik                                                       Korsun Mareneth
Lost Scale                                              Triumvirate of Life Path elders
Pterran Vale                                          Triumvirate of Life Path elders
The Silt Archipelago                            *The Old One
Saragar                                                   The Mind Lords 

Trade Lords (DT/FotFN/RtU/TL /WC/??)
Dedys Consortium                               heads of each allied house
House Ardian                                        Eloyas Ardian
House Azeth                                         Corik Azeth
House Fyra                                            Fyra
House Ianto                                           Strabo Ianto
House Inika                                           Andiama Inika
House Klethira                                      Drynnia Klethira
House Lamnos                                      Airos Lamnos
House M’ke                                           Truvo M’ke
House Mareneth                                  Korsun Mareneth
House Ptellac                                        Ptellac Goldeye
House Rees                                           Essen Rees
House Shom                                          Giowo Shom
House Stel                                             Hargan Stel III
House Sysra                                          Andris Sysra
House Tomblador                                Kaladon Tomblador
House Tsalaxa                                       Ydris Tsalaxa
House Uinjinjum                                   unnamed
House Vordon                                      Thaxos Vordon                                     Talara Vordon
House Wavir                                         Tabaros Wavir
The Renythi League                             heads of a dozen allied houses 

Elven Chiefs (AE/BG/CSoT/DC/DT/EoA /IT/LK/MHoA/WC)
Blueshadows                                         unnamed
Clearwater                                            Jentil Steeljaw
Evartu’s Ghosts                                     Evartu
Hill Children                                          unnamed
??Jura Dai                                              unnamed
Moonracers                                          unnamed
Moon Runners                                     Jesiv Moonsong
Night Runners                                       Hukaa New Moons
Nightwinds                                            unnamed
Runners of Guthay                               unnamed
Salt Stealers                                          unnamed
Shadow                                                  unnamed
Silt Stalkers                                            Eevuu Silt Stalker
Silver Hands                                          Toramund
Sky Singers                                            Muuton Sky Singer
Sun Runners                                         Faenaeyon
Swiftwing                                               Targaz
??Tula-kai                                              Brand
Water Hunters                                     Lismuuk Water Hunter
Wind Dancers                                       Santhaal Wind Dancer 

Bandit Lords (WC)
Kel’s Lot                                                 Kel
Pillage                                                    Chilod
Plunder                                                  Evartu
Ravage                                                   Talid
Ravish                                                     Akive
Spoil                                                       Densis
Wrath                                                     Lady Cesti 

Administrators of the Jagged Cliffs

Glerran                                                  Kal-odot/Fren-anan
Pareth                                                    Bal-olech
Reg-tol (Lordshome)                           ?
Sahr-tosh                                               Rel-anir
Sunnil                                                     Mak-amoar
Ter-omak                                               Vit-obaer
Thamasku                                              Vher-asach
Vir-rath                                                  unnamed
Yihn-tol                                                  ? 

Village Leaders (WC/???)
Altaruk                                                  Arisphistaneles
Cromlin                                                  Master Trader Hurdll Crost
Grak’s Pool Oasis                                  Grak
Hidden Village (Freedom)                  Governor Drog/Trade Master Bartras            
Ogo                                                         Chief Urga-Zoltapl

I'll try getting more done later... 

wow, thats extensive lol. thanks!iFrame RemovediFrame Removed

I do not have any idea on 4e stuff, but refering to the 2e Psionic Artifacts of Athas, you could possibly bring SK Kalid-Ma back to life. 


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