The Dungeon Master Experience: Where To Begin...

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The Dungeon Master Experience
Where To Begin...

By Chris Perkins

Even more rewarding than the act of creation is the opportunity to watch my players discover the world and unravel its secrets. I like watching a campaign transform from one person’s idea into a shared experience.

Talk about this column here.

Spin the Cliché

And thanks for sharing your campaign bible it was a fun and inspiring read, really. I may burrow some stuff if you allow. Nice map too i liked your developement off a real world map! Oh and your Firearms are pretty slick!  If i could i'd play a Halfling Thief named Robber Nevercaught just for the fun of it!

Thanks for everything. And looking forward to hear more of Valoreign down the misty road...
Chris you are truly an inspiration for DMs. Your articles helped me a lot in creating worlds with my players. Thank you for all your wonderful insights. Because of you I've learned to be a better DM. You are truly a DM of the stars.
This column was a great source of inspiration. I'm sad to see it go.
It's not going anywhere. I am sure it will see a new life in the new system. Chris just dropped a huge hook into us all with that bible.

Cliffhanger if you will.
I would love to see all the DM Experience articles put into one pdf, though. So I could read them all together and dogear pages as needed.
So many PCs, so little time...
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