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It says other zombies and skeletons gets +1/+1.! So is that a plus one counter then? Cause I have a creature to double that plus one but not sure it death barons ability is +1/+1 counter
No, it's not a counter. The card doesn't say to add a counter to zombies, etc., so you don't add a counter to them. They just get a +1/+1 bonus.
Rules Advisor - 10/24/2010
No.  If it was a +1/+1 counter, the ability would tell you.  When things say that other things get +1/+1, it's just a boost to their initial stats.

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no that is just a buff from the creature. Counters remain affixed unless something changes that (-1/-1 counters, say). Buffs are only active as long as the creature (Death Baron) is on the field.

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+1/+1 COUNTERS adapt the power/toughness of the permanent they are on if it is a creature through a boost.

It doesn't mean that such a boost IS a counter.

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The Basic rulebook, read it! A lot of basic questions are answered there!

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