Dungeon Crusade overworld map World Premier!

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Hey all, Im very excited to show you guys the overworld map of Avalon, for use with Dungeon Crusade. This is the map you'll be able to download along with the scenario book to run your own games solo or with friends. Robert Albauer from fantasy map.net designed the map, and Im adding the locations of the various places you'll explore. Its still early, more locations will be added, but I wanted to show you guys. I had a ton of ideas when I was placing the locations. One idea was a campaign mode where you start in a small town with only 1 hero and 1 at will power. You would complete a small quest such as, maybe a small 2-3 tile dungeon where you have to clear rats and spiders from a cellar, and your awarded 1 addtional at will power and 1 travel token. The travel tokens would be good for traveling to another location on the map.  Maybe the next location would offer you 2 travel tokens and a extra hero with 1 at will power. From there, you would gain more heroes, powers etc, as the quests get harder,  It would take some planning, but I think it would be a ton of fun. Anyway, have a look at the video if you get a chance. Have a good day all, talk to you soon...Rodger