Never played Eberron... we all died prior to Last War... lost on character background

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So yeah.  We are starting a new campaign in Eberron.  All of our characters are currently dead and died prior to the Last War.  All our characters are from Karrnath.  That's all we know at this point.

I am playing a human tactical warlord who started with "trained from birth for a specific prophecy" background and "ironwrought" theme.  I also started with the mark of healing feat and chose common, primordial, and draconic languages.  

Any ideas to get me started?  I'm terrible at RPing.  (I'm retired Army and much prefer the tactics and battle aspects of the game).  Thanks!
The character is currently unaligned and has no deity if it matters.  I'd be willing to change the deity - I am just not familiar enough with Eberron to choose one.
well since you're playing 4E, I would recommend reading the lore behind Karrnath itself: 
"Non nobis Domine Sed nomini tuo da gloriam" "I wish for death not because I want to die, but because I seek the war eternal"


When you say your characters are "currently dead," do you mean something like your DM is incorporating some unspecified mechanic to reflect that or simply that this is fluff with no mechanical element?

Are you simply looking for a plausible backstory for who this warlord was before the war? 
It is going to simply be fluff. It shouldn't affect mechanics. I'm guessing he will have our characters resurrected as part of the initial campaign story.

And yes, I am simply looking for some help with a plausible backstory. Thanks.
That's a difficult one. There is fairly little information on Khorvaire prior to the Last War, but checking the timelines it should be possible to start by pointing out what the character will not be familiar with. Imagine how he would react to finding a world shattered by a civil war of the proportions of World War One (but lasting nearly a century, rather than the four years which were quite sufficient to exhaust Europe).

Karrnath is currently (998 YK, two years after the end of the war) associated with its undead soldiers. That was something that Karrnath introduced early in the war - but there were no Karrnathi undead before. Blood of Vol communities may have had the odd undead around, but not the soldier type now used by the nation. So there's something which should come as a surprise to your antebellum Karrnathi.

Beyond that, airships are quite new, so is the existence of House Thuranni (they were part of Phiarlan before), warforged, and (optionally, depending on your DM), a whole lot of other wartime inventions. Of course, there are the changing political borders - the Mror Holds, the Talenta Plains and the Lhazaar Principalities were formally part of Karrnath before the war, but no longer. As for Cyre... Less obtrusively, Riedra finally came out of its isolation (comparatively...) and contacted the rulers of the Last Nations during the war. National characteristics were present before the Last War, but were exaggerated and built upon by the propaganda and the increasing differentiation with other area of former Galifar, so nationalistic antagonism may also come as quite a surprise to someone still living in the united-Galifar mindset.

Also, do you know how long before the Last War they died? Just before, during the reign of King Jarot? Or earlier than that, in the glory days of Galifar? Is there anything said on how he died?

As for Mark of Healing, that means House Jorasco (or an orphan of the same line). If you have access to the Dragonmarked (3.5) supplement, the chapter on Jorasco might be worth reading: it has some interesting information regarding the commercial activities of the house: for instance, the prohibition to heal people without payment. The House has its base in Karrnath, in Vedykar, so maybe that's a place to tie your character to... unless you want to come from the more tribal Talenta Plains which are now independent, but were, as said, part of Karrnath when your character was still alive.  It should also be noted that a tie to House Jorasco limits his ties to Karrnath itself: House Heirs are supposed to be neutral, although that would probably not have mattered that much before the war. 

Hope this helps to kick things of.

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Syltorian, that does help.  Thanks.

Our characters could have died any time before the last war in any way (our choice).  I don't think I will make him be actually from House J since 1. he is human and 2. he's a tactical warlord - the whole healing for money but never fighting thing doesn't sound very warlordish.

I think I will have the character having died in service of King Jarot - just have to iron out the rest of the details. 

Considering your class, you could always say you where the leader of a small squad of men which was hired to the service of King Jarot, and you died in battle trying to save your squad.


Also, King Jarot was just a bit paranoid. That's not an easy person for a bodyguard to protect, especially one who can have you executed for not having seen that shadow over there!

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