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I've been playing magic for years and I'm still not exactly how the stack works.

I have a B/U casual Reanimate deck. Can I cast an Exhume with nothing in my graveyard, and in response to my own spell cast a Tolarian Winds in response to my own spell? Therefore, the Tolarian winds would resolve first, putting a creature in my graveyard that I could then exhume.

I'm not sure how the stack works in reference to responding to one's own spells.

Tolarian Winds

that works
keep in mind you have to speak up that you keep priority after Exhume, otherwise a shortcut is assumed of you passing priority
online you have to press CTRL while casting Exhume to achieve that
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Yes, that works, because the choice of which creature to be returned is only made when Exhume resolves. It wouldn't work with something like Zombify, where the card is targeted.
Awesome! Thank you.
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