How do arrows (as ammunition) work in 4e?

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Background....we have a player who is making a bard that has a shortbow +3 and a variety of different arrows (dual arrows +2, firestorm arrow +3, etc)...I believe his goal is to have a 'XXX' (the movie) style revolver where he can dial up an arrow for a particular shot.

Now, I understand that the bow and arrow do not stack. But what about other the bracers of archery stack since the arrow isn't technically a bow? For the damage, do they still get their dex mod? For the attack, does White Lotus Dueling Expertise still apply?

Also, his shortbow is Load Free, meaning loading it occurs at the time of the attack...does selecting different arrows count as part of that, or is going from a dual arrow to a firestorm arrow a minor action (since you are technically switching weapons)?

I'm curious how other people do this, or what the ruling are....thanks in advance. 
For both, it depends on the arrow.  For arrows which add effects to normal attacks, then all the ranged-weapon stuff (i.e. White Lotus, Bracers) work.  For arrows which have their own attacks (alchemist's essence, for instance) they may not.

Loading ammunition on a shortbow, regardless of what you're loading, is always a free action.
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