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[C]Undead Alchemist[/C]

Say I have a 3/3 Zombie and a 2/1 Zombie deal combat damage to my opponent...would I choose which Zombie's attack would cause him to mill? So my opponent would mill 3 cards...then...if 2 creature cards are put into the graveyard this way, I only get a 2/2 token for ONE of them, correct? Not both?

Basically, even if I have multiple Zombies hit an opponent for damage, only 1 Zombie card causes him to mill?   
It will work for each zombie or creature involved.

He will mill 5 cards, and you will get 2 tokens.
No. All combat damage Zombies you control would deal to players is replaced with milling the cards. Also, you get a token for each creature card that goes to an opponent's graveyard from the library.

So in this case, you'd mill 5 cards, and could potentially get up to 5 tokens (if all of them are creature cards).

Also note that the damage is replaced. You get the mill instead of the damage, not in addition to it. And this replacement isn't optional.
multiple zombies all cause the mill

multiple Undead Alchemist don't mill more cards but you do get more tokens for each creature card
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Wow, that's pretty cool. Do you think that [C]Lich Lord of Unx[/C] would mesh well with this card?
that's more a question for "Cards and Combos"
but he is a nice addition for "zombiemill"
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Thanks, Enigma! You always answer my questions so nicely! Appreciate it.
(And thanks to the rest of you!) 
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