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If person A attacks with a pulse tracker and person B blocks with a soulcatcher and person A play's a geth's verdict. Does the soulcatcher still remain a blocker? Is this also true for burn and destroy creature effects? Does the damage go to player B?
yes, once blocked a creature remains blocked

The Soulcatcher is no longer a blocker because it's dead, but the Tracker is still blocked and won't deal damage unless it has trample somehow.

It doesn't matter how you remove the creature - burn, exile, bounce, stash
the result is the same

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once a creature is blocked it remains blocked for the rest of the combat, no matter what happens to the blockers

if you want to stop potential blockers you have to remove them in the declare attackers step at the latest
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Assuming Geth's Verdict means Soulcatcher is sacrificed, then Soulcatcher will no longer be a blocker.

but pulse Tracker will still be blocked.  In general, once a creature is blocked, it stays blocked.


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