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I was wondering if there was any legitimate D20 books floating around out there for the following settings:
-Lord of the Rings
-Avatar the Last Airbender
-Dragonball Z
-Star Trek

While some of the shows (specifically DBZ and Naruto) irritated me because of the obligatory tedious bullshit that is apparently a prerquisite for anime, they do present some interesting rpg settings and I have failed to find anything good/new for any of them and I was wondering if anyone might know of some stuff I've missed or if I'll have to homebrew what I need. Any help will be appreciated. 
I remember seeing a Lord of the Rings rpg.. I think by Mongoose.. As for Dragonball Z and Naruto.. There might be expansions for BESM (Big Eyes Small Mouth). I know there are books for Hellsing, Sailor Moon and Trigun.
Would you happen to know the specific titles? 
Official LotR rpg by decipher http://www.cubicle7.co.uk/our-games/the-one-ring/ 
Although I swear there was a mongoose or other major publisher that made one..

For anime ones there's mutants & masterminds: mecha and manga
As for the BESM line.. the creator, Guardians Order has closed down, so you can can find the books used in various comic/gaming stores cheap or online. 
Thanks that was very helpful, but what about Star Trek? I have a friend who wants to DM a NextGen campaign and would prefer to not have to homebrew everything if he can help it.
Off hand I couldn't tell you who made the Star Trek rpg. I'm pretty sure I saw one years ago.
Searching for Star Trek Roleplaying on Ebay I see Decipher and FASA have both had attempts at it.
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