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So, Thundering Howl is an attack with two damage rolls. Since the second damage roll is a separate damage instance, all bonuses and vulnerabilities are added again; so far no problem. What confuses me is how the power interacts with extra damage from things like Claw Gloves, Headman's Chop, Battlecrazed Weapon, Horned Helm, Pelor's Sun Blessing, etc (assuming that these are all parsed as extra damage, of course).

1. Do I get to apply the extra damage to both damage rolls?

2. Some of the examples above only apply on a hit, does that make a difference?

Thank you.
1. It will depending on the extra damage specific application. 

2. Yes. The important thing to remember is that Thunderring Howl's blast has no attack type (melee, ranged, close or area) and does not hit, which reduce the number of extra damage dealing game elements applicable.

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Yeah I suppose its still a melee damage roll since its a damage roll from a melee power. 

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Let me rephrase the question. Is there a reason that Thundering Howl isn't designed like the following?

Thundering Howl

Melee Weapon, targets one creature
Hit: 1W + Strength damage, do secondary attack.
Secondary attack
Melee Blast 3, must include primary target, targets enemies
Effect: 1d6 thunder damage, pushed 1 square.

Because that would make things so much less confusing.

And with regard to extra damage, is Thundering Howl functionally equivalent to the above?
That is essentially what Thundering Howl does, yes.  The reason it's not written like that is because it's not written like that.
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The reason it's not written like that is because it's not written like that.

Fair enough.

Thanks for the responses!