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Dragon's-Eye View
Neverwinter: Behind the Curtain, Part 2

By Jon Schindehette

Jon talks to Joe Jing, the Lead Artist at Cryptic, about the Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter massivelymultiplayer online game. We have a lot of information to share with you and many, many images to show you. This first part covers the game creation process, character creation, and more.
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Creatures at Gen Con 2012
Epic Campain
Against the Cult of Chaos

By Aaron Williams

Epic Campain is (usually, but not always) the tale of one Krozat the Mighty, as he strives for his place among the heroes of legend. The only problem is, he’s dead. Those who carry on his name (as well as carry around his bones) find their destinies entwined with his… even if he’s not fully around to appreciate it. In this episode, the party has pitted themselves Against the Cult of Chaos—as an ancient evil stirs, chipping away at its prison…

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