1e/2e re-release PDFs on DNDclassics are poor quality

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Sorry, I know this isn't a future release but is a re-release and there will be more to come presumably. It's awesome you guys put these out in PDF format on dndclassics.com. I'm happy to give you my money. However,the quality of some of these scans are terrible.. Margins are truncated, text is blurred and more. The kind folks there said they couldn't do anything about it as these were the files sent over - presumably by you WotC. 

If not WotC, does anyone know who I can complain to about this? It saddens me that here I am, happy to pay money and you can't take all of 5 minutes to review your work or give the task to someone who knows how to use a scanner correctly. I've seen unauthorized versions of these same modules, accessories and the like that are 1000 times higher quality in PDF format so it is certainly not unreasonable to ask that someone review this.

In particular - Greyhawk, The Adventure Begins (text is cut off and missing in the right margins)
L series modules - totally crappy scan quality, did someone do this with a smartphone?
U1 Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh - again, right margins are clipping the text with words missing.

I'm still going through the massive stack of PDFs I purchased but this needs to be addressed.

I'm stoked these are available, just feel they could be better with little effort. 
You should report them to Customer Service as defective product
Thanks, I was hoping someone from WotC would read this. Instead I guess I'll get sent through the bureaucracy. I mean, seriously, the module Bone Hill, the scans are all crooked like someone was drunk. 
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