PEACH this level 7 human wizard (mage); nethermancer/illusionist

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Abilities: 8 str, 11 con, 10 dex, 21 int, 13 wis, 13 cha
feats: improved initiative, staff expertise, superior implement training (accurate staff), improved defenses, unarmoured agility
trained skills: dungeoneering, nature, religion, arcana, history
human option: effort
nethermancy school expert, illusion apprentice
cantrips: ghost sound, mage hand, spook (wouldn't mind advice of both optimization and rp flavor here, if you think something's better.)

At will: winged horde, unraveling dart
Encounter 1: twilight falls and illusory obstacles
E3: color spray, maze of mirrors
e7: phantom foes, murderous twin
Daily 1: phantom chasm and horrid whispers
d5: visions of avarice, tasha's forcible conscription
Utility 2: shield, Instant friends
u6: emerald eye, extra effort

Magic items (purchased using 9600 gold at seven, not 3 items + GP thing)
Generic +2's for neck, armor, and implement
resplendent gloves
phrenic crown
acrobat boots

That's all. The magic items are the area I'm least familiar with, so help there is most needed. Please explain reasoning for any changes you suggest. As a note, the race, class, and schools cannot be changed, and backgrounds/themes aren't alowed.

Edit: In general, is training in either acrobatcis or athletics necessary for all PCs? It seems there's always some skill challenge you need to do, dungeon you need to traverse, or grab one needs to escape from no matter what class you are. Was wondering if one of the feats should be exchanged for skill training in one of those.

Never take skill training. If you desperately need a particular skill, take a multiclass feat that allows training in that skill, but really your party ought to be diverse enough that one guy can climb up and lower down a rope, which is then a trivial check, and as a Wizard escaping from a grab consists of going "Oh, hey, you're grabbing me, that is cute. I'm going to push you five squares away and auto-break your grab. Buh-bye."

Did you read the Wizard handbook?
I have, but it didn't have a magic item section. I did look at the magic item section of the one it was based off of, though. I used the handbook for the powers and feat taxes.
Please do not take 12 and 11 in Wisdom/Charisma, go 13 in one. It's slightly more optimal, since it improves your Will defense. At that, Will matters a whole lot more to you than Constitution or Fortitude, so perhaps start out with 8/11/10/18/10/14 ?

Also, pick beguiling strands as one of your at-wills. Its functionality as both a minion sweeper and generally battle field control is amazing.   
Ah, actually I thought it'd be best to go full offense, and give up defensive feats for phantom echoes and expand spell, so both needed to be 13 minimum.  General question: If a spell is really that good, should you pick it even if you don't belong to that school at all?
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